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My son Vince Wishart is a gifted artist. In his early years, there was no extra money to buy the latest toys; rather, paper, pencils and crayons were shared from young age. Creatively gifted ourselves, his father and I were able to support and encourage his natural gift. He always had an intuitive creative spark that needed expressing. What I appreciate about Vince’s art is his courage to explore and express his feelings fully, without restraint. He dives in. Others are often touched deeply through his expressive creations, finding that place in themselves that could use more love, healing or expansion. Everything he touches is artistically transformed regardless of the medium, or tool: a piece of driftwood, a wall, building, a chunk of styrofoam, a paintbrush, air brush, tattoo machine, print-screen or NLP. Witnessing Vince persevere through his struggles, inspirations and creative experiences, convinces me he always was, and will be, a true artist. His courage has helped me to more authentically explore my own heartfelt gifts, and I've seen others equally affected by the sharing of his creativity. I am proud to call him my son. A proud Mom, Zosia Miller, photographic artist.

Zosia Miller


I had the gift of a few NLP experiences with Vince. The first being facing a deep rooted fear of the dark. Through various natural techniques several other professionals tried to get to the root of this fear. All they discovered was that something happened to me when i was 7. While with Vince he too me back to the roots of this fear and somehow taught me to face it and then to rise above it. I was able to overcome this fear and am no longer afraid of the dark. My next NLP session was regarding the death and lack of mourning for my father. I had a lot of resentment towards my Dad and did not cry our mourn when he passed. Vince showed me that in reality my father was a very loving and wonderful man. I had my big cry over my dads passing and I hold him close in my heart knowing what a loving man he was. Through NLP work I also overcame some insecurities about myself. I now love myself and am a truly happy person. I am looking forward to NLP work from Vince to help me quit smoking as from what I have experienced so far I now know for a fact that NLP does work. Thanks Vince for taking me on this incredible journey of healing. Juanita Nielson Humanitarian

Juanita Nielson


Where do I start? He is an awesome tattoo artist, I always get great comments on his work. Also a great friend and all round person, privileged to know him. He has accomplished so much and I'm so proud of Him.

Eve Ferris


The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Vince is his ability to be totally authentic and vulnerable. It is a refreshing trait in a world where so many try to present what they think will please others instead of just being real!! He is an inspiration. And I love the way Vince looks for, and act on opportunities to be in service. Both to help individuals and to help the planet. Integrative Transformational Processing Facilitator Kelly Tobey

Kelly Tobey

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